NC WEGA spol. s r.o. | 20 years on the market

The family-owned company focuses on the complex processing of structural steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheet.

We offer laser cutting (including engraving and processing of foil coated sheet metal), bending, punching, welding, threading, riveting, bolting and other locksmith works.

We deal with custom and serial production of simple blanks and weldments, complete assembly of assemblies including fitting with accessories.  After agreement with the customer, we offer consultancy and creation of documentation for repeated production. We also provide transport of our products (up to 3.5 tons).

We offer

  • high quality sheet metal processing - working range 3000 x 1500 mm
  • laser cutting of material
    • up to 20 mm steel
    • up to 12 mm stainless steel
    • up to 8 mm aluminium
  • bending
  • welding
    • MAG
    • TIG
    • Spot resistance welding
  • locksmith works
  • powder coating
  • galvanic coating

WEGALAK s.r.o. | 15 years on the market

We offer final surface treatment by powder coating. We have modern technical equipment and experience so we ensure high quality of products.

  • Maximum size of parts: 1250 x 800 x 3000 mm
  • Colour shades and surfaces according to customer's requirements in interior and facade quality


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